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British Columbia
May 14, 2013
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Election time! Fall 2013 Edition!

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Host Your Own Rock the Vote Canada Event!

Are you a student, citizen, promoter, event planner, company or business that wants to include Rock the Vote Canada in your event? Have an existing effort that will last throughout the election writ period and want to make it a Rock the Vote Canada campaign?

To make your effort a Rock the Vote Canada effort is simple, fill out the form below to apply to license the Rock the Vote Canada logo for your event. This will give you permission to use the Rock the Vote Canada name and logo on co-branded event materials and to advertise YOUR event using our name. Once your application has been approved, all you have to do is round up motivated volunteers for event and get ready to rock!

Rock the Vote Canada is a nonpartisan organization. This means that we do not support or endorse candidates, nor do we participate in any activities that could benefit one party over another. We take our non partisanship very seriously. We cannot approve use of our logo for any partisan effort!

We will review your application and if approved send you our Rock the Vote Canada Event Package including a licensing agreement for your event, electronic logo and posters for use to advertise your event. Additional Rock the Vote Canada items such as merchandise will be available for purchase. Once approved Rock the Vote Canada will promote the event on our website, Facebook and Twitter.

EMAIL info(@)rockthevotecanada.ca
Edmonton, Alberta
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