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British Columbia
May 14, 2013
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Election time! Fall 2013 Edition!

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Rock the PSA Canada Contest

Rock the Vote Canada will be creating and producing several Public Services Announcements or PSAs over the next year to air next time there is a provincial election in your province or a federal election in Canada.

We could leave the PSA creation to our Marketing guru but we decided that we had to put our money where our slogan is…….basically since we want you to use your voice and get interested, involved and invested in voting that needs to start with our PSAs!

Until October 16th young people from across the country can submit their PSA ideas and scripts to our website www.rockthevotecanada/psacontest, YouTube page or email them to psa(@)rockthevotecanada.ca. We want your ideas, crazy and original as they may be.

The Prize: The winning entrant will have their PSA produced by Rock the Vote Canada and in addition will be given a speaking role in the PSA to be aired across the country! We will also make sure that our winner is decked out in all kinds of Rock the Vote Canada swag!

Note: we will select individuals from among those entered to be featured in the winning PSA as well. So even if we don’t pick your idea we may pick you!

Be original. Be outrageous! Get active. Use your voice!

Rock the Vote Canada!