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British Columbia
May 14, 2013
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Young Voters

The Importance of Voting

We are the Millennial Generation! We are the most diverse, connected group of young Canadians in history. Through social media such as facebook and twitter we are dialed into current events and each other more than ever before.

Already this generation is changing the face of politics. We are one of the largest generations in history and represent 13% of the electorate. By the next federal election there will be approximately 4, 200,875 youth in Canada between 18-30 years of age.

As Millennials, we possess a unique socially conscious world-view that has been shaped in the wake of September 11th, Hurricane Katrina, the war in Afghanistan, the floods in Manitoba and the fire that ravaged Slave Lake, Alberta. These moments of international and national crisis forced us to turn to our elected officials for leadership and their decisions have directly affected our lives. As a result the Millennial’s have learned a fundamental truth-deciding our leaders means deciding our future.

Despite our digital prowess and the abundance of information the voting patterns, or lack thereof, for Young Canadians is an issue of serious interest in media today. Canadian Social Trends published a 2005 report “Willing to participate: Political engagement of young adults”.

This study used data from the 2003 General Social Survey to examine the extent of political activity among adults aged 22 to 29.


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